DISH DROPS dishwashing products power through caked on dirt, leaving glasses, pans, crockery and cutlery sparkling clean. Phosphate-free, made with the BIOQUEST FORMULA™, a unique combination of high active, bio-based ingredients from natural resources; they are environmentally sensitive, safe, and deliver excellent results.

All our dishwashing liquids, powders and tablets are concentrated, so they last and last – whether you’re washing by hand or using a dishwasher. The Automatic Dishwasher Tablets now come in dissolvable wrappers for added convenience!

Save energy, save money…

  • If you use a dishwasher, fill it up before use.
  • Always use the economy programme setting. This could save you between 5 and 10 litres per cycle.
  • Don’t rinse dishes under a running tap – use a bowl of water instead.