GLISTER oral care products give you the proactive protection you need to keep your smile looking beautiful day after day. Using scientifically designed formulas, GLISTER products help stop problems before they start, providing all you need for an easy-to-follow oral regimen, from toothbrushes and toothpaste to mouthwash and breath freshener spray.

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Complete oral health

GLISTER products offer optimal oral care through scientifically-designed formulas which you can trust to deliver brighter, healthier smiles, simply and effectively.

With GLISTER products, you have found a brand you can trust.

  • Designed for optimal oral care
  • Scientifically-advanced ingredients and technology
  • Optimum preventative care
  • Brighter, healthier smiles
  • Simple yet effective
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Best Seller

GLISTER Toothpaste was first introduced in 1982, and it has been our best selling product for decades.

  • Multi-action fluoride toothpaste
  • Effective stain removal with enamel-safe polishing
  • Clinically-tested to remove plaque and fight cavities
  • Increases remineralisation and helps to prevent demineralisation
  • Available in two sizes, with the 50 ml version ideal for travel

We put GLISTER Toothpaste to the test in a variety of controlled research studies at a leading university. It takes hard work and hard science to develop an oral care system as safe and effective as the GLISTER product line. Studies include Dietary & Tobacco stain removal, Enamel Polishing and plaque reduction analysis – all showing positive results for GLISTER toothpaste, when used regularly.

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Unique design

Complete oral care toothbrushes that are gentle on your gums. The unique narrow head has both soft and medium bristles to give improved interdental cleaning between the teeth and at the gum line.

  • Tough on plaque – gentle on gums
  • Soft and medium bristles for interdental cleaning, plaque removal and gum massage
  • Unique slim-head design
  • Soft handle for comfort and firm grip
  • Flexible neck designed to help prevent damage to teeth and gums from pressure while brushing.



Glister™ kids is the newest addition to the Glister Brand, trusted oral care for generations. Glister™ kids products are designed specifically for the needs of children age two and up.