Your Rewards

As your business grows you have the opportunity to advance upwards through numerous qualification levels, earning specific bonuses, awards and recognition with each step.

  • Hard work should be rewarded
  • Strive for more
  • The adventure of a lifetime
  • Understanding the plan

Hard work should be rewarded


Amway believes that hard work should be rewarded

Simply put, the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan rewards you and Amway Business Owners you’ve sponsored for selling products. You earn income from:

  • Customer Volume Rebate on product sales to customers.
  • Monthly performance bonuses ranging from 3% to 21% of business volume, depending on your monthly productivity.
  • Monthly and annual leadership bonuses, and other cash awards and business incentives based on sales of your sponsored group.

Strive for more


Strive for more

Amway cares and encourages you to reach your goals – whether success means earning additional income for you and your family, a greater sense of fulfilment, creating a better life for your loved ones, or something else entirely, your goals are completely up to you.

We've already helped millions of people start on their path to success. They've invested because of the unlimited potential of the opportunity, the support of a corporation with over half a century of experience and compassion, a global community ready to offer support, and a premium Amway Sales and Marketing Plan.


The adventure of a lifetime


The adventure of a lifetime

Again and again, what we hear from people who have achieved high levels of success with Amway is how glad they are that they took the opportunity and made something out of it for themselves and their families.

The Amway business is an opportunity to create a work /life balance that‘s right for you while adding to your income and developing your self-confidence skills. The high-quality homecare, beauty and nutrition products you represent are innovative, useful and loved by customers for over 50 years.

These might be some of the reasons you became an Amway Business Owner. These are also  reasons other people might join when you show them how it works and invite them into the Amway family. It isn’t hard. It doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge. There are no hidden secrets. Amway is an opportunity for anyone – and with a little guidance from us, plus plenty of enthusiasm and effort from you, you can be successful.

There’s no question about it – success is something you have to work for.

How far you go depends on how much effort you put into it. But that’s the adventure of Amway, as millions will testify. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Understanding the plan


The foundation of our business.

The Amway Sales & Marketing Plan still reflects the original business concept developed by Amway founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, introduced for the first time back in 1959.

It is based on a multi-level marketing structure and a compensation system that rewards Amway Business Owners with bonuses for their performance.

Very important to know!

Your own performance determines your income – not your position. If you invest more time and effort selling Amway products and sponsoring than the Amway Business Owner who brought you into the Amway business, then your financial reward can also be higher.

The Sales & Marketing Plan offers a way for ordinary people to start a business of their own without the need for special skills, knowledge or large amounts of investment capital.

Proof of its success lies in the fact that today, over 60 years after Amway was founded, the network has grown to over 3,000,000 Amway Business Owners worldwide and the company has never been stronger.