First Order Discount

Newly registered ABOs can benefit from 15% discount on their first order if their Personal PV generated is between 60 and 300. To take advantage of this discount  ABOs need to order within 30 days of joining Amway. Additionally there is no delivery charge on all ABOs' first orders.

Satisfaction Guarantee

* If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product to have it replaced without charge, receive full credit toward the purchase of another Amway product, or receive a refund of the full purchase price. This guarantee does not apply to Amway products: (i) which have been used for purposes other than their intended purpose in normal domestic use; (ii) which have been intentionally damaged or misused; (iii) Amway-distributed products which provide a specified time period for return; and/or (iv) those products covered by express written warranties.

Amway brands

* Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, World, GBN, Retail Value RSP, % breakdown, 2019.
* Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Beauty and Personal Care 2020 Edition, as per Premium Beauty and Personal Care definition; all retail channels; value at RSP, 2019 data.

Authorisation; Scope of ABO Contract

Upon acceptance of the ABO Contract by Amway, the applicant will be appointed as an ABO and authorised, on a non-exclusive basis, within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland territory (‘UK/RoI’), and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the ABO Contract to operate as an ABO in the Retail Consultant category (‘RC Category’) and to: (a) purchase Amway products and/or services directly from Amway at a fixed retail price as set forth by Amway from time to time (‘Retail Price’); (b) procure orders for Amway products and/or services from customers as agent on behalf of Amway at Retail Price; (c) register customers for verification of purchases and sales promotion purposes; (d) retain and maintain personal customers; (e) receive selected Amway business literature with an option to purchase additional literature and products; (f) earn Customer Volume Rebates; and (g) participate in discretionary Sales Incentive Programs (‘SIP’) and receive Non-Cash Awards (‘NCA’) based on achieving such requirements as may be established and communicated by Amway from time to time in its sole discretion.